Why is No One Speaking Out on Sweet Briar?

It’s been nearly two months since the President and Board of Sweet Briar College announced plans to close at the end of the school year, thus shutting down a historic women’s college which had existed for over 100 years.

Since that time, the alumna of the school have organized, hired attorneys and raised millions of dollars to save the school. Significant questions have been raised over how a nonprofit entity which was actively seeking (and banking) donations and TAG grants until just recently is suddenly beyond salvation.  Further questions have been raised over the timing of the announcement, the refusal to involve interested parties, and the apparent destruction of key records.

The whole thing is suspect in the extreme.

Yet, oddly, the reaction among Virginia politicians to this outrage has been tepid, except among a few oddball Assembly members.  Statewide officials, who are quick to express outrage on “women’s issues,” are muted.

The Attorney General, whose support for same-sex marriage is not equaled by a similar passion for same-sex education, has not only failed to intervene in a case uniquely within his jurisdiction — he has tried to use his inaction to bar the Amherst County Attorney’s attempts to save the school.

All in all, it’s a very bizarre circumstance.  You would think that statewide officials would be actively supporting the students, the faculty and a historic institution developing women leaders in the Commonwealth.  You would think.

Am I missing something?

[Update -- I missed the Governor speaking on WTOP about this issue on Wednesday.  Maybe there's a chance at life yet.]

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  • Jamie

    Some ideas – I can name exactly 1 sweet briar graduate. I’m guessing that SBC represents something less than 1% of Virginia’s 475,000 college graduates. People don’t see the gap SBC is filling, as evidenced by its enrollment troubles.