The Longest (Veto) Day

The veto session ended its third day today down in Richmond.  We’ve officially been sitting for fifty-two (52) straight hours.

(ed. note:  we recessed for a day on Thursday which allowed me to return to court, where I’m in a multi-week trial).

Wednesday we took up all the Governor’s amendments and vetoes, which included the scuttling of SB 695.  On the Senate side, we “passed by” the amendments — while the House adopted an amendment which scaled back the law, thereby keeping open the door for other technologies like “retina scan” which allow law enforcement to covertly scan and upload personal identifying information, but kept the 7-day limit.

Today we passed the Governor’s amendments, or most of them, on the issue of ethics, including a $100 cap (aggregated) on gifts.  We also heard final speeches from Senators Chuck Colgan, John Watkins, Walter Stosch, Jeff McWaters and Toddy Puller, who are retiring after this session.

Book of Ecclesiastes:  “Let us now praise famous men (and women) … Leaders of the people by their counsels … wise and eloquent are their instructions … All were honored in their generations, and were the glory of their times.”

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    I’m disgusted that the veto of 965 was not overridden.