I’m not dead, I’m in trial this week

It’s been a long week.  In trial every day and not getting home until late.

A few notes:  excellent Op-Ed in the RTD on the UVA tuition increase.  I don’t understand why the Board wouldn’t get more input.  And, yes, these rising tuitions are targeted at middle-class families which save for college (and thus don’t qualify for aid on FAFSA).

Lots of backlash this week from the Law Establishment to our “surveillance” bill.  As I said before (and said repeatedly during the session), the arguments against it rely on series of red herrings.  And I’m not referring to the AG.

Speaking of which, the AG has apparently stifled the efforts by Amherst County to keep Sweet Briar open.  It’s been 30 days since I asked him for an opinion on the illegal closing of the school and the AG’s own ability to stop it.  Inaction = action.

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  • Gene Barnes

    That probably explains why I haven’t yet heard back from you on my suggestion to more-than-adequately-compensate the VICTIMS of takings for the expansion of I-66, and other projects. Getting a little extra coin for the fact that their lives have been turned completely upside-down might make it a little easier to take. And those who experience a drop in their property value as a result of expansion and construction should be compensated as well. The folks who have made a conscious decision to live in Outer Timbuktu and drive 60 miles in to work should be happy to pay the folks whose lives they’ve screwed up. What say you?
    Or maybe we can just take a deep breath and move toward public transit options.
    Thank you.

  • Chap

    Gene. Thanks for commenting. Yes, I’ve been upside-down with my trial. Yes, any victim of a “taking” is entitled to the FMV of their property under current law — and VDOT is required to provide that. If the parties can’t agree, then the landowner is entitled to a jury trial among other things. Having said that, we still have a ways to go before reaching the “final design” on I-66 and I think we can still figure a way to lessen the impact and keep it within existing right of way.