Armed Prisoner at Large nearby INOVA Fairfax

Just finished watching Chief Ed Roesler of the Fairfax County Police Dept giving a live interview outside of INOVA Fairfax on the escaped prisoner situation.  The Chief did an excellent job answering all questions.

Apparently the suspect escaped from two armed guards at INOVA around 3 a.m.  He was being held by private guards (?), although he was under Federal detention.  He took a gun from one of the guards and got away.  A shot was fired but there are no other details.  He is currently at large.

I represent the neighborhoods around INOVA Fairfax, which have natural areas with tall trees and hidden stream beds.  Lots of hiding places.  There are schools nearby, but fortunately it’s Spring Break.  The police have already been “reverse 911″ calling neighbors to let them know about the situation.

Hospital workers at INOVA are reporting to work, as always, but staging at Falls Church High School.  Again, everyone is reacting very professionally.

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