Let’s Stop Pretending “Deflate-gate” is a Real Scandal

In the unreal world of American media, there must be a national scandal at all times.   A prime subject is the NFL, whose overwhelming popularity overshadows all other sports, thus making it a 24/7 target for every social agenda.

That brings us to the New England Patriots, a team which has been uniquely successful over the past fourteen years — winning three Super Bowls and appearing in three others (including next Sunday’s).

Now the Pats are led by Tom Brady, the very prototype of a “pretty boy” NFL quarterback.  Of course, Brady is also one of the most competitive performers to ever put on a helmet.  There’s a reason he’s a 70% career winner.  His coach, Bill Belichick, has the look and personality of a medieval monk.  Somehow, he keeps putting winning teams on the field, with a bunch of guys who nobody else wants.

With that understood, let’s review the facts from last Sunday.  A couple hours before game time, the referees delivered twelve new footballs to the Patriots.  It is expected that the team will “break them in” in some manner — otherwise, why would they get them before the game?

During the first half, the Patriots used these twelve footballs on their offensive series.  After each play, the ball would be handed to the referee to spot the line of scrimmage.  Apparently, nobody noticed the balls were under-inflated — or, if they did, nobody cared enough to change the balls.  Again, the PATRIOTS were using the ball and, if they had a complaint, they didn’t say so.

At half-time, the Pats were leading 17-7.  At that time, there was a complaint from Indy — and the twelve balls were seized by the NFL.  Apparently, they were deflated by 10% or so.  A new set of balls was introduced.

Having lost their edge, the Pats struggled to a 28-0 margin in the second half. As in the first half, they mainly kept the ball on the ground and simply established physical dominance over the Indy front.  Ball game.

In my simple opinion, a ball should always be inflated (or deflated) at a pressure which is most to the liking of the offense.  Who else cares?  The defensive players are simply making tackles, rushing the passer or covering receivers.

It’s not like baseball where a doctored baseball prejudices the batter. There is no prejudice.  If you’re on defense, just make the damn tackle.

The entire investigation is a joke and the rule about ball pressure should be recognized for what it is — a meaningless regulation where none is needed.

Wisely the Colts have not participated in the “Let’s ban the Patriots from the Super Bowl” clown talk.  Please you people.  Get a life!

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