Sometimes You Must Be a B.A.D. Man

In the 1990′s, Hollywood made a movie “Kiss of Death” about a gangster, named “Little Junior Brown.”  Little Junior, played by a bulked-up Nicholas Cage, built an urban criminal empire based upon a simple personal credo:  “B.A.D.”

Balls.  Attitude.  Direction.

Little Junior was a uniquely American persona.  Indeed, his credo was not terribly different than America’s own self-image through the better part of our nation’s history.  Whether it was crossing the frontier or fighting world wars, Americans didn’t back down — they had confidence in themselves and in their nation’s destiny.

What the hell has happened?

This week, the communist dictatorship of North Korea — a backwards nation led by the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man — prevented the premiere of an American movie by “hacking” the Sony Corporation’s computer network and making vague threats against potential moviegoers.

In a truly shocking display of cowardice and un-American weakness, a number of theater companies canceled the premier of the movie.  What a joke.

The crumbling of our film industry would be humorous if it wasn’t so pathetic.  It’s especially infuriating for those who escaped North Korea and eventually arrived in northern Virginia.  One of those persons is my father-in-law, but his story is hardly unique.  I remember years ago, at a Korean-American reception, hearing from a D.C. business owner about the Communist soldiers coming to his village in the 1950′s — and searching for his family, who attended Catholic church.  He told me about the soldier’s bayonet jabbing a haystack in which he was hiding, but not finding him.  He survived, came to the USA, and started a successful business.

So a teenage boy can defy the North Korean army but our movie industry folds up like a  pup tent when someone publishes some embarrassing emails?

There’s been a lot said (probably too much) in the last fifty years about American pride and hubris.  But let’s at least stand up for our own freedoms, the foremost of which is freedom of speech.

At some point, you have to be a B.A.D. Man.

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  • mojo

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Isophorone

    Sometimes you have to ask yourself how it got to this point. More importantly, what do we do about it?