Senate Retreats to Staunton

The Senate is in Staunton for two days for our annual Finance retreat.  It’s when our Finance staff briefs all the members on the state economy and budget issues in anticipation of the 2015 session.  Lots of knowledge going on — will be posting up some examples over the next few days.

Staunton is a charming historic city in the heart of the central Shenandoah.  It’s also the home of Western State Hospital, our state psychiatric hospital (which we toured), as well as Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind.   From the downtown, it also has some sharply rising hills, which I re-discovered on my early morning run.

We are staying at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in downtown Staunton.  It’s next door to the Blackfriars Theatre, which houses the premier Shakespeare group in Virginia.

Last night, they performed a sketch from “As You Like It” for the assembled Senators.  They also did a more modern version from “Faustus,” which included an a capella version of the Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil”  (Bill Stanley was not referenced by name).

We’ll be here until the early afternoon.   Weather staying cold.  Is Old Man Winter moving in for the year?

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