“The McRib is Back” (and other things I learned in Richmond today)

This morning I was back in Richmond.  Ironically, it was not for state politics but rather an argument before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

I wrote last month about appearing before the Virginia Supreme Court.  That’s nerve-wracking enough.  This is more so.

The Fourth Circuit, which meets in Richmond, represents the Federal judicial system from Maryland to South Carolina.  So you got lawyers from all over the Atlantic Coast.  I was appealing a judgment rendered last fall in U.S. District Court in Alexandria.  (If I win the appeal, I’ll be happy to provide details — until then, it’s too painful to discuss).

The Fourth Circuit courthouse in Richmond is located down the hill from the State Capitol.  Legend has it that the Feds put it there to block the Assembly’s view of the James River.  (Just letting people know there was a Federal government …)  It’s a great piece of classical architecture with a dramatic mural in the first-floor Law Library, which depicts Pocahontas saving Captain John Smith from decapitation by half-naked Powhatan warriors.  (Not sure how that is surviving the current cultural wars).

Waiting for the argument took nearly all morning.  Then our case was called and I started getting battered with questions from the three-judge panel.  Finished the argument, shook hands with my opponent, and walked up the hill to my office at the GA building.  An hour later, I was putting Richmond in the rear view mirror.

Stopped at the McDonald’s on Chamberlayne Road and learned (much to my pleasure) that the McRib is back!

Also learned today that Ed Gillespie is a Redskins fan, except when they’re playing the Eagles.  Um, okay.

(We interrupt this regular program to wish you a very happy “Bashaud Breeland” Day.  Please enjoy it responsibly).

Headed to Vienna tonight for the Halloween parade.  Give me a shout-out if you’re there.

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