E-Day Looms for Warner Re-elect

Today was a stunning fall afternoon.  Sharon had the older children and I was in charge of my three year old Ida Grace.  (Is it “babysitting” when you watch your own kid?)

In the afternoon, I took Ida by the house of FCDC chair, Sue Langley, in Vienna for a reception with U.S. Senator Mark Warner.   It was a gathering of the Democratic “Old Guard” in Fairfax County, a group that knew Mark as Doug Wilder’s campaign manager in 1989 and then supported him when he ran for U.S. Senate in 1996.

Ida is not a political person.  Instead, she feel asleep on the couch in Sue’s basement, which meant I was free to introduce Mark to the familiar masses.

I recollected Mark as a candidate in ’96 and the state party chair in ’91-92, when I was law student at UVA volunteering on local races.  Even then Mark was building a network all across the Commonwealth.  In introducing him today, I had to ask — why do you even want to be involved with this dysfunctional Federal government?

Mark’s response was the right one.  We need a Federal government that works.  That represents the people who pay taxes.  That is free from the predictable posturing, tub-thumping and general time-wasting that has overtaken both the Left and Right wings of our Federal congress.  (Insert “Ebola” reference here).

It’s been a strange campaign cycle.  I have yet to see Mark’s opponent at a single community event, either in Richmond or Nothern Virginia.  It has been a shadow candidacy.  I doubt that anyone would recognize him if he walked naked down Maple Avenue at the annual Halloween Parade.  He is a cipher.

(BTW I actually listened to his alternative to Obamacare explained a couple weeks ago at the Small Business Summit and it was literally incomprehensible.  Does anyone think that issuing a 100 million new tax credits will create jobs for anyone except CPA’s?)

And yet there is a genuine discontent out there.   I know it.  Mark knows it.  The Obama wave from years ago is in the history books.

Any election that is won this cycle by a Democrat must be done on personal connections and smart campaigning.  That’s where Mark is best.  Even then, he’ll do well to pull a decent margin (say 8 points) against a relative nobody.

In the meantime, it’s back on the doors for the last couple weekends.

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