Twenty Years Ago Today …

It was a Friday night in Alexandria.  September 30, 1994.  Bill Clinton was President and Heath Shuler was a rookie quarterback for the Redskins.  I had just graduated from UVA Law, taken the Bar Exam and started a new job.

Life as a single guy was awesome.

I was hanging out with my buddies at our row house on King Street watching television.  My club had a rugby match the next day in Philadelphia, and I was just killing time.  It was a perfect fall night.

For no particular reason, we left the house at 9 pm to have a drink at “GW’s,” a country and western bar on the next block.  I ordered a Budweiser, leaned against the bar and studied the array of belt buckles, hats and boots that filled up the dance floor.

A few minutes later, I saw a beautiful girl across the room … and my life was never the same!  Thank you, Sharon Kim Petersen, for being THAT GIRL.

Which just proves — you can never spend enough time in bars.

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