Privacy Caucus Meets Today

The Ben Franklin Privacy Caucus is meeting today in House Room 3 in Richmond.  Chairman Rich Anderson (R-Prince William) is leading the discussion.  I’m reduced to live blogging the meeting, as I have business up in Fairfax today.

The issue that formed our Caucus was the “License Plate Readers,” which compelled the filing of SB 671 which sought to restrict the LPR’s in randomly collecting data, without a warrant or pending investigation.  That legislation was supported by both the ACLU and the Tea Party Patriots — the lion and the lamb!

Halfway through the process, it was apparent that we needed more information on all the issues.  We also needed to expand our scope to take on “Snowden” issues like the unwarranted collection of Internet data and cell phone usage.

Since that time, I’ve had a lot of input from local police agencies, including the Fairfax City Police, which use the data to help solve crimes.  (As an initial matter, LPR’s can match license plates with stolen vehicles).  We’re hearing from these folks today ….

(Update at 2:50 pm)

Excellent point by Claire Gastanaga of the ACLU, who just articulated the difference between collecting “real time” data from LPR’s, e.g. for matching a stolen car or missing warrant, and keeping that data for an undetermined future purpose. Former is OK.  Latter is problematic.

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