Doing the Richmond Shuffle

It was a long day at the State Capitol yesterday.  The Senate did pass a revised State Budget (due to weakened revenue projections) and also elected a new round of judges, including Grace Carroll who will take the Circuit Court bench in Fairfax.  That’s an excellent choice.

Nothing happened with Medicaid, just as we all predicted.

The Senate Republicans also announced new committee assignments.  It was a mixed bag for me.  I’ve again lost my seat on the Courts of Justice committee.  (I had been the only member of that committee who practiced law in northern Virginia.  Currently, there are zero NoVA lawyers represented).  I also lost my seat on the Privileges and Elections Committee, which I had served on since 2007.

I picked up new assignments for Education/Health and Social Services, so that’s a switch.  I had not asked for these committees, but I’m ready to do my best.

When you’re in the minority, you have no control over these things.

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    I don’t understand your point about the fact there are no LoVA lawyers on the CoJ committee. It seems to me that the law is pretty darned consistent throughout the Commonwealth. Looking at the Senate rules description of the Committee’s function, I see nothing that is geographically relevant.

    So, do you have a point that I’m not seeing?

  • Chap

    Yes. The Committee reviews the qualifications of every judge in Virginia. When a Northern Virginia judge appears for election (or re-election), they are not being evaluated by a single person in the Senate that actually appears in those courts and has first-hand knowledge of the judge’s record and reputation. That’s a pretty major omission.

    • AMCIT

      Seems to me there are transcripts, and anyone who does his homework would be able to review case summaries, look at statistics, etc. I’m sorry; I’m just not seeing the problem.