4-H Fair, W&OD Run, etc

It’s been a humid, overcast weekend in northern Virginia.

It started off brightly with the annual “4-H Fair” on Saturday morning at Frying Pan Park in Herndon.  The fair is one of my favorite annual events, if only because Frying Pan is a fully-functioning 115 acre farm in suburban Fairfax County with its own home-grown populations of chickens, horses, cattle, hogs and goats.  I think it’s the last working farm in Fairfax County.  It’s also a great venue to take the kids, which we did.

After a day of door-knocking off Braddock Road, I had a second event in the evening: the annual “Friends of the W&OD” 10k race, which starts in downtown Vienna and follows the bike trail to Hunter Mill Road and back.  Usually, this race occurs in a summer heat wave.  Yesterday (thankfully), it was during a summer cloud-burst, which left us all soaked — but avoided the typical heat casualties.

As always, I burned up the first few miles, which are apparently downhill, then died on the way back.  (I don’t know why, but I always fall apart on the last part of the course).  I finished with a hand-time of 51:45, which is not very good, but maybe I’m deceiving myself that I can still consistently run “sub 50″ for ten kilometers.  I appear to have aged substantially in 2014.

On a positive note, the end of the race left me nearby “Joe’s Pizza and Pasta” in Vienna, where I met my family for an all-you-can-eat dinner.  Love Joe’s.

On the legal front, I finished up a trial in Arlington last week.  With that done, I’ve had a chance to review a little bit of L’Affaire McDonnell playing out in Richmond.  I’ve got lots of thoughts which I’ll try to post on later.

Can we all agree that prosecuting the cook was probably a bad idea?

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