OK, now this is absurd

Apparently, the Board of Visitors at the University of Virginia is considering a “censorship” policy for its dissenting members.

Those who violate it by speaking against Board decisions with the media or other outsiders  could be “sanctioned or removed” from the Board.  (Of course, that’s illegal on its face — the Board has no authority to remove its own members)

This proposal is apparently based on the mistaken notion that UVA is a “quasi-private” institution that is not accountable to anyone except its own administration.

Wrong.  The institution, its assets and goodwill, is owned 100% by the taxpayers of the Commonwealth.  No other person has any ownership interest.

The policies and decisions of a publicly-owned university are, and should be, freely available to the general public.  That is the whole purpose of having a Board of Visitors, which represents the Commonwealth’s ownership interest.   There can be no restrictions upon this information, except in strictly defined circumstances (e.g. an executive session for personnel matters).

Having “dissenting” voices in a legislative body is actually what you do want — we need more dissent!

Please reject this measure.

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  • David

    It doesn’t surprise me. I inquired as to why George Mason closed the Mason Inn. After some research, your staff said the Board of Visitors decided to close it because it wasn’t making money. I already knew that from the “grapevine”. I guess they didn’t feel they needed to give a state senator’s staffer any better explanation. This action bears some discussion, even though it may not seem as egregious as the censorship at UVA.