Chillin’ in VA Beach

With two active teenage daughters and a wife that is wired into the community (btw, last show of “Pippi Longstocking” is tomorrow night at Lanier MS), it’s always hard to find time to get away.

Sometimes, our family vacations can be measured in hours, not weeks.  This weekend, we took a few days off from law practice, community theater and summer field hockey to dash down I-64 to Virginia Beach and book a room at the Hampton Inn on 11th Street, a few blocks below the pier.

After arriving, we had dinner Thursday night at “Waterman’s'” restaurant on 5th street, my favorite seafood place, then spent today at the beach.  (After the recent tornado, the weather was perfect).   Although it was technically vacation, I did manage to do my piece on Jon Frederick’s show this morning.

Tonight, we had dinner at Planet Pizza.  Afterwards, Sharon took the older kids to a local drama production on 26th street.  Meanwhile, I strolled the two year-old down the Boardwalk.  It was a perfect summer evening.

We stopped to listen to an oral historian describing “The Wreck of the Dictator” at a local park.  Apparently, “the Dictator” was a Norwegian trading vessel which broke apart and sank off the Beach, then a small fishing village, during a squall about 100 years ago.  Today, there is a statute on the Boardwalk which commemorates the Norwegians who went down with the ship, which included the Captain’s wife and son.

Up early for a morning run and swim tomorrow.  The water could not be nicer.

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