Reprinted with Permission

It’s been a busy day in the aftermath of forming the “Redskins Pride Caucus.” I’m really appreciative of all the comments I’ve received — even negative ones.  It’s a free country and thank God for it.

Anyway, one comment from a former work colleague really struck me as important and perhaps offering a solution to the endless ranting. I asked her for permission to print it on my blog and she said “yes.”  Here it is –

Chap:  I happened to catch your bit on the news last night re: The Redskins name.  I could not agree with your more.  You may recall that I have a good bit of Native blood in me.  It infuriates me to see all these “white people” telling me that I should be offended by the name. It’s quite the opposite.  Even before I moved to this area, I was a Redskins fan because of their name.  It is a very proud heritage.  Not one member of my family is offended either.  The bottom line is that 90% of true Native Americans are not offended in the least.  The answer is simple:  take a poll of ONLY Native Americans.  Whatever that poll says should be the answer.  End of story. 

 Warm Regards,

 Karen Fettig

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  • Offended Native American

    Uh, that’s basically what the PTO did. Of course, you can’t actually poll all Native Americans, but that’s the sort of evidence they were looking for – what do Native Americans think. Again, if you’re going to continue to rant about this opinion, please read it. They specifically cite the letters from Native American organizations who have continuously denounced the name, and again, the individuals who brought this petition were Native Americans. So this is a nice anecdote from your friend, but I thought liberals were supposed to understand the difference between anecdote and fact. What’s next, we had a cold winter so global warming is a hoax?

    • Anonymous

      Still hammering on a deeply problematic 2004 poll when there is a 2014 poll showing that 67% of verified Indians think R*dsk*ns is racist.