Governor Drops the Bomb on the Budget (and I agree)

It’s been a long time coming but somebody finally said it …

The Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission, or “MIRC,” chartered in 2013 as a compromise between the House and Senate, is a sham which has no purpose except to thwart the success of the ACA.

That was the Governor’s message today when he announced a series of Line Item Vetoes, which included the Line Item involving MIRC.  Essentially, his veto disbands the MIRC which has literally done nothing after a year, except “move the goal posts” for those who are actually trying to improve service delivery.  I will vote to sustain that veto.

In other good news, the Governor will be issuing a Line Item veto on the proposed new General Assembly Building on Ninth Street.  We don’t need that, especially when it’s only used part-time by lawmakers.

Finally, the Governor (finally!) is coming out against the pathetic ethics bill that we passed this year and vetoing any funds to implement it.  He will propose his own reform legislation in 2015, which will be the first year “A.P” (after Puckett).  Again, it’s a couple months late to the picnic, but he’s there now — and it’s a good thing.

The only announced veto that gave me any pause was his decision to veto funding for new judges.  We fought very hard to get that done for Fairfax County, and it would be a shame to throw that out with other less-deserving or non-deserving items.

Regardless, the Gov has made his voice heard and not a moment too soon.

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