Mark Cuban, Don Sterling, the Redskins — everyone’s a ….

They say that politics is show business for ugly people.  Actually, it’s become theology for shallow people.  Which leads us to Donald Sterling and Mark Cuban …

As America has become more diverse and accepting (in so many ways), the flip side has been a dramatic rise in those who seek to demonstrate:  “I’m more tolerant than you!” And the best way to prove your bona fides is by finding “intolerant” people and publicly exposing them.

As a result, political correctness has become the new McCarthyism of 21st century America.  You avoid pledging allegiance at your own risk.

In the NBA, this dynamic has become dramatically manifest in the wake of the bone headed comments of Donald Sterling.  The NBA commissioner wasted no time in stating that Sterling had to pay a $2.5 million fine and sell his interest in the team.  (Umm, but his wife owns half the team  Minor detail.)  Honestly, he would have been better off shooting someone.  At least he’d get a trial.

Of course, the arbitrary nature of the Sterling punishment would normally receive some push back — but nobody wants to be associated with a “racist.”  So the owners will dutifully vote Sterling from their ranks in a couple weeks.

Credit Mark Cuban, who’s at least honest (an increasingly unusual trait in public people), with stating that all people have their prejudices and maybe it’s a bad precedent to take away someone’s business for what they say in a private conversation.

Bring on the backlash against Mark Cuban!

Of course, whenever you find charlatans, fakes and poseurs rushing forward to support a cause — can politicians be far behind?

As if one cue, the U.S. Senate Democrats — a group with lots of free time and apparently bereft of real issues — signed a letter today to Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, asking him to change the name of Washington’s greatest sports franchise, the Redskins, because the team’s historic identity is somehow related to Donald Sterling.

Gosh, those U.S. Senators are so smart.  Who knew that Sterling was the ghost writer for “The Last of the Mohicans”?  I mean it was published 250 years ago.

Of course, this malleable definition of “racism” is ever-changing. (“Red” is now racist.  “White” and “black” are still OK, but that may be changing).  No clue about orange.  Is John Boehner going to sue the Syracuse Orangemen?

I’ve given up hope that our cultural obsession with overbearing sensitivity is passing.  It has become a depressing way of life.   I know I should adapt and protect my political future by repeating all the same worthless tripe as everyone else — and pretending I believe it.

But, frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

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