I Don’t Always Agree with Michael Bloomberg but ….

He hit the nail on the head yesterday.

The lack of intellectual diversity at our universities has been a major problem for years, and now it’s getting worse.  It’s a symptom of a larger problem, however.

More and more, the intellectual life of this nation is being dulled, if not destroyed, by anti-free speech groups which seek to prohibit “incorrect” opinions from the marketplace of ideas — even if those opinions are accepted by the general populace.

(These grievance groups can now more easily flex their muscle through Twitter, which is perfect for the faux grassroots.  It’s hard to get 10,000 people to a rally.  It’s comparatively easy to send 10,000 tweets).

Like Bloomberg said, the chilling of speech by allegedly “progressive” groups is akin to the McCarthyism of the Fifties, when the House Un-American Activities Committee sought to punish people with “incorrect” opinions.   Of course, now the offending opinions must be related to race, sexuality or gender.  Being anti-American?  Yawn.

This intellectual corruption is most at home on Capitol Hill, which is the original home of McCarthyism and the superficial political gesture.   It even extends to our sporting life.  (Note that back in the Fifties, the “Cincinnati Reds” actually changed their historic name to the “Redlegs” to avoid any Communist imputation).

Of course, Richmond has its hang-ups, namely a political culture that is still beholden to Big Business, as opposed to the grievance industry.  But can we be far behind?

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