GMU Scholarship Dinner Tonight

Tonight, George Mason University held its annual “scholarship dinner” at the Fair Oaks Marriott.  The purpose of the dinner is to recognize contributors who endow scholarships for deserving students — and the students they support.

My family was there.  In 2012, we endowed a scholarship in honor of my late father, John E. Petersen, who was a professor of the School of Public Policy.  The funds go to support a graduate student at SPP, who the faculty deem especially deserving.

President Cabrera gave the keynote remarks, after several of the scholarship winners were announced.  As usual, he was right on the mark.  I especially appreciated what he said about Mason, which is the classic “open door” university for hard-working young scholars whose families are first-generation, either in the USA or in academia:

“We don’t brag about the people we keep out, but about the people we keep in.”

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