Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday.  On the Christian liturgical calendar, it’s a day for reflection and atonement which starts the season of Lent.

Pretty quiet in the building today. Looking for someone to give me a blessing and ashes …

I did meet this morning with attorneys from Fairfax County, who are concerned with cutbacks in judicial funding in the House budget.   Eliminating judges in Fairfax County slows down our ability to resolve cases, which means that the County is a disfavored venue — which means fewer law firm jobs.

(Remember, it’s always about jobs).

The House Democrats were holding a Medicaid press conference a few minutes ago.  The Republicans yesterday called on McAuliffe to hold a “separate session” on Medicaid, after we adopt a “clean” budget.

Unlikely for that to happen.  The Medicaid issue (in whatever form it’s described) is too closely tied to our health and human service spending.  You cannot separate it.


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