A Few Thoughts from the NCAA Basketball Tourney

1.  Any Fortune 50 company that uses Motley Crue in its ad must be commended.   And who knew that “Home Sweet Home” sounds so great in French?

2. The Wisconsin starting five is actually the cast of “Hoosiers.”

3.  There’s something disturbing about the “one and done” players that dominate the roster of Kentucky (yeah, they’re great).  I realize that college sports are big business, but shouldn’t you go through the motions of being an academic institution?

4.   It’s funny how a random missed shot can change the complexion of a game.  Joe Harris knocks down the 3 pointer with ten minutes left and UVA never looks back.

5.  When you’re ahead by four points with one second left, it should be impossible to lose.  But apparently not the case for VCU.

6.  Billy Donovan is a great coach.  He was also a great player at Providence, many years ago.

7.  One day, Dick Vitale — the best “play by play” man in sports – should  do the tournament.  CBS and ESPN, make it happen.

8.  Wichita State didn’t win their regional.  Shocker.

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