In Memory of Jane Seeman

A classy lady and outstanding Virginian died on Sunday.

Jane Seeman was the Mayor of Vienna from the year 2000 until her death yesterday, after a year-long battle with lung cancer.  She was literally the face of the Town.  Everybody knew her and everybody liked her. 

I knocked on Jane’s door in Vienna when I was campaigning for Senate in 2007.  It was a burning hot summer afternoon.  She had already committed to the other candidate, but we had a great conversation.  She gave me several glasses of ice water as I rested my sore feet.  We talked about her life in Kansas and moving to northern Virginia in the 1960′s. 

Before I knew it, I had wasted twenty minutes — talking to a “lost cause” voter.  But that was Jane Seeman.  Even if she wasn’t with you, you felt like she was.

Once I was elected, Jane advised me on all issues involving the Town.  She was everywhere, always coming down to Richmond to host the Town’s annual dinner.  Back home, I teased her that she was my “date” whenever I walked into a local parade or event, because we were always together.  

Jane was a great voice for towns, who often get lost in the mega-counties of Fairfax or Loudoun.  She had a feel for small town life, maintaining civic identity, and what it took to build a coalition with similar communities.  She had a vision for Vienna.  I can’t imagine a Viva Vienna or Halloween parade without her.

Jane was a woman of Christian faith and parishioner of Vienna Presbyterian Church.  Her service will be Friday afternoon.  Today, I moved the Senate to adjourn in her memory — and the body agreed to the motion unanimously. 

Rest in Peace, Madam Mayor. 


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