Resignation of Frank Wolf

We learned yesterday that Frank Wolf (R-VA) would be stepping down as the Congressman representing Virginia’s 10th Congressional district.

I remember Congressman Wolf, when he first ran for Congress in 1976 and 1978.  He lost both those races to Joe Fisher, who was the Democratic Congressman during my youth.  I remember that vividly as my parents were very active on Fisher’s campaigns.

Frank came back and ran again.  I remember stories of him waiting outside Tysons Corner movie theater to shake hands with people leaving the movies.  In 1980, he was given little chance but was elected in Reagan’s landslide win.

From then on, he has served the 10th district with integrity, even while the boundaries have pushed steadily westward.  (Originally the district was in Arlington and most of Fairfax County.  Now it’s less than a fourth of Fairfax County, with the bulk being in Loudoun County and points west).

Frank Wolf was a true public servant and will be missed on Capitol Hill.

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