Senator Deeds in Critical Condition

Devastating news from the rural Bath County home of my friend and fellow State Senator, Creigh Deeds.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Deeds, beginning back in 2005 when we were both on the statewide circuit (him for LG and me for AG).  We had a lot of laughs and closed down a few bars, back in the day.

Since being in the Senate, Creigh has been a great friend to me, sharing the “back row” of the Democratic side of the chamber.  We’ve laughed and joked our way through many late-night Senate sessions, and I’ve never publicly revealed his means of breaking the legislative monotony by following his beloved Cincinnati Reds on

I have no knowledge about the causes of this tragedy.  I only know that Creigh and his son Gus shared a residence in Mill Springs, and Creigh was taken by helicopter to UVA Hospital today after being found with critical injuries.  His son is dead.

I will try to post more, if and when I learn it.  Creigh is a great friend and we love serving in the legislature with him.

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