Senate Regroups in Williamsburg

It’s Friday morning and the sun is rising over College Creek.  The air is crisp, perfect for an early morning run past the Golden Horseshoe Golf Course. 

We’re down at the Williamsburg Lodge for the annual Finance Retreat.  It’s the same drill as every year, except obviously this one is different.  For example, I can’t remember another Retreat where we had a full complement of State Police in attendance.

Anyway, the Senate Finance committee staff has produced the usual plethora of figures and economic statistics regarding the Virginia economy.  We’ve also gotten some excellent presentations from outside economists.  The best one was on the economic value of “higher education.”  Let me tell you, this is a huge eye-opener.

For years, we’ve plowed forward on the concept of “more education, more degrees.”  But in actuality, the work force is not designed to accept endless numbers of B.A. degree holders.  In fact, a graduate with a technical degree from a non-four year school in Virginia has a higher starting salary ($38,551) than B.A. grad ($36,472). 

Now those numbers may equalize (and reverse) over time, but that’s a pretty strong proof that four year universities are not for everyone and do not automatically make you more employable.  It’s what you make of it. 

More stats coming tomorrow …

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    I don’t understand that “obviously” this one is different, or why you’d need a full complement of police. What’s up?