Happy Thanksgiving, y’all

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  I’ll be in Mantua at 9 a.m. for the “Fairfax Four Miler.”  Hopefully, I can get back on track with a decent time.  Then we have my wife’s family coming over to celebrate the holiday. 

(note:  on Sunday, I ran the Vienna Turkey Trot 5K, which at 23 Fahreinheit and 9 degree wind chill was coldest athletic event of my life.  The wind was blowing in our face the whole way back on Cottage Street).

On Friday, we’re heading to New York to visit my wife’s brother.  Be back Sunday, hopefully to catch the Redskins.  Please don’t join the witch hunt against RG3.  I can tell you that he’s playing as hard as he can; it’s just that nothing is going right this year. 

Otherwise, I’m glad to reach this holiday in one piece with everyone healthy.  It’s been a long year.

(Update at 2:15 pm)

Ran the 4 miler in Mantua this a.m.  Very hilly track.  Followed a few friends over the last couple miles.  Finished in 31:18, which is pretty good for the terrain.  Weather: cold but not unbearable.

Bring on the turkey, mashed potatoes and apple pie!

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