Does Size Matter?

Of course, I’m talking about campaign signs.

It’s that time of years — small signs and large signs are popping up in yards and on fences around Fairfax County.  At least one County-wide candidate has succeeded in putting up large signs in notable locations.  Yes, he’s a man.

My female friend seems to think that putting up large 4×8 signs shows a certain … shall we say … inadequacy.

Au contraire!  Having spent every candidacy posting up large “Chap!” signs (30 in our last election cycle) from Burke to Dranesville, it’s a tremendous way to break through and communicate with low-intensity voters who won’t read a mail piece but will notice a colorful billboard.

More importantly, it looks cool.  And it intimidates your opponent.

So who’s inadequate now?!



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    I’ve long ago dropped the assumption that candidates wanted to get their names known in hopes that would translate to votes. However, “cool points” and intimidation seem to be the order of the day.

    I’m dismayed to see those who would call themselves “leaders” consider these the important points.