This Would Be Seriously Stupid …

Here’s the link to Friday’s Congressional vote on defunding Obamacare and essentially forcing a government shutdown.

We can spend days talking about the ACA (ubiquitously known as “Obamacare”) and its positives and negatives.  As a taxpayer and small business owner, I’m still undecided about the impact on businesses which currently provide health benefits and whether our costs will go up or down.

Here’s thing I’m not undecided on:  shutting down the Federal government over another pseudo-confrontation between the President and Congress.  That is a ridiculous idea — and one that will have major ramifications on Federal employees and contractors in northern Virginia who are ALREADY dealing with sequestration.

Look, if you believe that the U.S. government is totally worthless and should be shut down, then please go buy a Che Guevara tee shirt and begin the revolution.  Start an on-line petition.  Create your own talk show.  Or move to the mountains and live off wild nuts and moonshine.  It’s cool.  That’s what a free country is all about.

But do not run for Congress.  That elected position presupposes a belief in the Federal government, its purpose and necessity.  Otherwise, why are you pulling down a Federal paycheck (and putting all your loved ones on Federal benefits)?

Voting to shut down the government should be a “one and done” for U.S. House Reps.  (Better yet, classify them as “non-essential” employees and freeze their pay, while the shutdown is continuing.  That will bring them to the bargaining table.)

The scenario reminds me about the reappointment years ago of a juvenile judge in a rural county.  The Delegate who represented that county told our Caucus that he was opposing the judge’s reappointment (which is unusual).   When we asked why, the Delegate said about the judge:  “He don’t like kids.”

That judge didn’t get reappointed.  Neither should any Congressman who advocates for a Federal shutdown.


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