On the Road to Damascus

Did you ride “The Creeper Trail” this summer?  If not, then you missed out.

Today our crew rented a bunch of mountain bikes at the base of White Top Mountain in Grayson, stroked the pedals, and headed out into the wild green wonder.

The Virginia Creeper Trail is named after the railroad line of that name, which served southwest Virginia late into the 20th century.  As part of the Commonwealth’s “rails to trails” program, the rail line was converted to a 37-mile bike trail dropping from the shadow of Mt. Rogers and down into the gentle vale of Abingdon.

The Creeper Trail criss-crosses over the Appalachian Trail, as well as various creeks feeding the Holston River (everything reaches the Tennessee and finally the Mississippi).  Most of it is shaded and it’s all unpaved.  Thankfully, it’s downhill the whole way from Grayson, until you cruise into Damascus.

Unlike the capital of Syria, the town of Damascus is a hiker’s and biker’s paradise with a surplus of funky shops and coffee houses.  We rolled in at 1 pm, after a 19-mile ride from the Grayson Highlands.  We dropped off our bikes and stepped into the air-cooled comfort of “Moejo’s” for a beverage.

It was a beautiful day.  The sun was out.  We rocked the Creeper Trail.

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