Running the W&OD — Rangers Lead the Way

Last night, between Annie productions, I joined several hundred local runners and “The Friends of the W&OD” in a 10K race from Vienna Station to Hunter Mill Road (and back).

The ceremony started off with some inspirational words by one of the  Army Rangers who seized the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc on D-Day at Utah Beach.  Introduced by Senator Mark Warner, he told us that the weather on June 6, 1944 was similar to last night:  overcast and threatening.  Bomber support never showed up.  But they forged ahead and seized the high ground, because … Rangers lead the way!

Thus inspired, we started off down the trail.  The race followed a typical pattern for me.  On the downhill stretch towards Hunter Mill, I scorched the first three miles in 22:15, but coming back was another story.  I kept my legs moving but that was about all.  It was my first 10K since Monument Avenue in Richmond and it showed.

I got passed by half of Fairfax County in the last two miles.  I finished in 50:50, which is below-average but I finished.   Afterwards, I took a shower, drove over to Lanier Middle School, and walked on (or was wheeled on) for my part in Act 2 in Annie — my second show of the day.

So it was an active day.

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