The News Keeps Getting Worse …

No, I’m not talking about Sam Huff retiring from the Redskins radio team.

(In addition to being part of the famed “Frank, Sam and Sonny” combination, Huff was one of the greatest linebackers in NFL history and a genuinely nice guy).

Instead, I saw this on the news clips this morning.  This situation is really starting to go downhill fast. A $10,000 coat from Oscar De La Renta?

The Governor needs to make a full disclosure IMMEDIATELY of all gifts, financial, travel or clothing, that his family has received over the past four years — and, if possible, start giving them back.

It’s unacceptable to have the Governor’s family become financially dependent on a donor, whether or not they have business in Virginia (and this one does).

Nor is it acceptable to have these details leak out like this — and then have the Governor’s office refuse to respond. This is the Commonwealth of Virginia, not a banana republic (or “a Banana Republic” to utilize an obvious pun).


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