Primary Night 2013

I just got back from the “John Fredericks Show,” after spending three hours on the air with Scott Surovell (D-Mt Vernon), Ben Tribbett (I-Outrageous) and Dave Sherfinski (R-Washington Times).  We walked through all the election results from tonight., while hammering down a couple pizzas.

Number One:  congratulations to Ralph Northam and Mark Herring, who each ran a great, winning race.  Ralph was especially impressive, coming up to NOVA and winning Fairfax County in the face of the talented and prodigiously connected Aneesh Chopra.  Mark built up margins around the Commonwealth, then hung on against a very determined Justin Fairfax who swept most the localities in Hampton Roads and nearly won Fairfax.

Northam will now face off against Bishop E.W. Jackson in the Lt. Governor race.  Or at least that’s the match-up today.  I have a feeling that there’s already some conversations underway on the Republican side to fold that hand and draw some new cards.

The other news was the defeat of Beverly Sherwood (R-Frederick) and Joe May (R-Leesburg) in party primaries.  Each went down after voting for the Governor’s transportation bill.

As I said on the radio, the election simply highlights the dilemma of Ken Cuccinelli.  Normally, he would be leading the charge against the new tax increases in the roads bill.  However, he’s boxed in because the concept was proposed by a REPUBLICAN Governor, who he is trying to succeed.

At some point, he has to decide if he’s running with (or against) the establishment.  Meanwhile, the Democrats are moving down the field with a united front.

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