Memorial Day Remarks at Patriot Harley in Fairfax City


It’s great to be here today and join you again for this celebration.  I see so many familiar faces here at Patriot Harley.  When I’m here I feel like I’m with family.

You can say I’m a biker wannabe.  I’ll be riding with you today.  But when I ride on a Harley, I’m getting a free ride on the back.  Someone else is doing all the work.

I see Memorial Day in the same way.  There are so many heroes here, so many veterans.  I’m not a hero or a veteran.  Again, I’m getting the free ride from their leadership, their sacrifice.  And today, once again, I’m here to say thank you.

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?  Why do we ride the bikes?  In the end, it is about freedom.  And there are few experiences of freedom like this one.

I’m 45 years old now.  There are some moments in my life, which I will always remember until the day I die:

witnessing the birth of my first daughter, finishing the last mile of the Marine Corps Marathon …. and riding down I-66 in my first “Ride of the Patriots” in 2002.

The crowds cheering, the flags waving, the wind in your face.  What a memory.

Those are the moments of freedom.  Let’s live those moments today.  Remember those who made them possible.  Celebrate them.

Have a great day.  Drive safely.  God Bless.

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