The Gov Giveth, The Gov Taketh Away

Just finished hearing from the Governor by conference call.  One piece of good news:  the Governor filled one of the General District Court judgships for Fairfax County, which was a critical item for us.   That’s good news.

In the bad news department, the Governor vetoed my charter change for Fairfax City, which he mistakenly referenced as “Fairfax County” in his conference call.  My bill would have given the City authority — like all other cities — to raise its hotel tax based upon market rates.  The reason for the Governor’s veto was that the dual increases in the NOVA sales tax and hotel tax — dedicated for transportation — simply raised the rates too high.

(It’s the second year I’ve had a bill vetoed by the Governor.  Last year it was the “solar freedom” bill.  Oh well).

Otherwise, the Governor spent most his time talking about transportation and Medicaid expansion. It’s obvious that he’s not a fan of the latter.  (He kept talking about “dramatic reforms” before he would agree to let it happen in Virginia).

In regard to the transportation piece, I am reviewing the details and will post my thoughts.  The improvements are, at best, marginal.  The bill is still a bad idea in how it penalizes hybrid vehicles and cuts the gas tax, while targeting discriminatory taxes against residents of urban areas.


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