Love from the “I-Team”

Here’s the story on NBC 4.

Thanks to Supervisor Herrity’s office for bringing this idea to me.

The “boarding house” problem is a major problem in NoVA.  There’s no way to crack down, unless localities can bring claims directly against the sub-landlords.

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  • Why?

    Why exactly is this a ‘major problem’? Sorry, I don’t understand what needs ‘cracking down’ on. If 8 people want to live in one house, that’s up to them. Shouldn’t the size of the house matter?

    • Chap

      Can’t agree with you there. When more than 4 people live in a house, that causes all sorts of problems for the landlord and the neighbors (remember that we’re dealing with a situation where the landlord rents to one tenant who then sub-leases to a group of people). As far as the fraternity example, there are plenty of houses which are designated multi-family. This is just standard single-family houses which are covered by local zoning ordinances.


    Glad you were never in a fraternity. Not unusual for 6-10 seniors to rent a house near campus. Not unusual for 4 or more students to rent a house near campus even if they aren’t fraternity men. Wonder what the folks around college campuses think about this.