Gov’s Spin Machine Deals with 33%

Here’s today’s press release from the Governor’s office.

Two obvious points for anyone with 2 minutes of background in politics …

1.  Comments from the pollster are always meaningless, except to shed light on who’s paying him.   (pretty obvious here)

2.  The posture of the question always dictates the result:  “Do you support the Governor’s Transportation Plan?”  vs.  “Do you support the higher taxes included in the Governor’s Transportation Plan?”   (In the former case, the answer is meant to be “yes”)

When you ask a generic question with words like “transportation” and “plan” and give no other details, you are clearly seeking a “yes” answer.   Yet even after stacking the deck, they could only get to 33% approval.

Here are the questions that should be asked, at least in NoVA:

Do you believe residents in northern Virginia (or any urban area) should pay a higher sales tax than the rest of the Commonwealth?

Do you support having an annual state fee applied to hybrid cars?

Let’s see those results ….


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