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Tilting at Windmills (2.0)

Earlier this session, I had my first experience going against the Establishment, when I pushed forward my constitutional amendment giving all tax credits a five (5) year sunset.  That bill passed committee, but then was crushed on the floor. Today … Continue reading

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Conference Committee Report for Transpo Takes Shape

But what shape is it? There is no final agreement apparently on the regional piece.  The statewide piece appears to swap a gas tax decrease with a sales tax increase, both on regular purchases (raised to 5.3%) and on motor … Continue reading

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Anti-Texting Bill Identifies Problem, Does Not Solve It

One of the biggest public safety concerns over the past few years has been “texting while driving.”  There have been countless accidents, including fatal ones, caused by foolish people who send texts while operating a moving motor vehicle.  It’s hard … Continue reading

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Funny Money Bill Dies in Senate

Did you know that Virginia is studying its own currency? Well it’s not any longer.  A few minutes ago, the Senate killed the bill which would have authorized a commission to study an “alternative” currency if the United States dollar … Continue reading

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Stormwater Bill Leads to Odd Alliances

One of the biggest challenges facing Virginia is the impending requirements of the Chesapeake Bay Act, which forces the Commonwealth to make significant reductions in the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus that we pour into the Bay.  Those inputs are … Continue reading

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