“Five Republicans, Five Democrats” ??

That was the tag-line from the Wash Post editorial page today, which upon the announcement of a “compromise” on transportation immediately endorsed it as being the “bipartisan” negotiation of “five Democrats and five Republicans”.

Here’s the reality:  the conference committee on the Governor’s transportation bill had EIGHT Republicans and TWO Democrats.  Not five and five.

The merits of the compromise are still unclear.  (It’s 11:30 a.m. and I still can’t find a copy of the conference report itself).  There’s talk about a sales tax increase and commercial property fee in northern Virginia, but I’ve seen no details.

Regardless of what transpires, let’s stop pretending this was an effort in which Republicans and Democrats were equally represented.  They weren’t.  If they had been, I guaranty the “abuser fee for hybrids” would never have been included.


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  • Tess Ailshire

    So it sounds like you don’t care whether the plan is good or not, just that it doesn’t have enough Democrats involved? That’s the kind of attitude I hope gets knocked out of our GA over the next couple of elections.

  • Isophorone

    All sarcasm aside, it looks like you might be skeptical on the merits of this thing, and for good reason. It is disconcerting that there is no lockbox for this money or any real guarantee that money will stay in Northern Virginia. A 6% sales tax will make us non-competitive with Maryland and DC. Metro still shows no real incentive to be good stewards of the incredible amount of money we already give them. Maybe we can have some bipartisan agreement for once!