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OK, this Blog Just Got Quoted by the Wall Street Journal

Here it is. (if you don’t have access, here’s the text …) A Cavalier Fiasco – Virginia Republicans try to elect the next Democratic Governor. There’s one thing uglier than a Democratic tax-and-spend spree. A Republican one. On Friday Virginia … Continue reading

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Medicaid in the Balance …

The last few days have been “start, stop, start, stop.” In the background has been two over-arching issues:  the first is transportation (which we just voted), the other is Medicaid expansion. Two weeks ago, the Senate budget took a firm … Continue reading

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Senate Passes Governor’s Transpo Plan

A few minutes ago, the Senate passed on a vote of 25-15 the Conference Committee report of the Governor’s transportation plan (HB 2313).  I voted “no.”  Below are the reasons I gave for opposing the conference committee report.   Ladies … Continue reading

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Reviewing the Conference Report

I just spent an hour reading the 98-page conference committee report on HB 2313, the “transportation plan.” It’s the very opposite of fair, equitable and uniform. Instead, it’s a grotesque combination of tax cuts, tax rebates, tax increases, new taxes, … Continue reading

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“Five Republicans, Five Democrats” ??

That was the tag-line from the Wash Post editorial page today, which upon the announcement of a “compromise” on transportation immediately endorsed it as being the “bipartisan” negotiation of “five Democrats and five Republicans”. Here’s the reality:  the conference committee … Continue reading

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