Foreclosure Bill Passes Floor, “Free Rivers” Clears Committee

It was a big day for me today.  My bill prohibiting the use of a forged document in obtaining a foreclosure (SB 734) passed the Senate floor this afternoon on a vote of 31-8.  That’s the largest margin we have achieved in the past three years for that pro-consumer legislation.

Then a couple hours later, my “free rivers” bill (SB 737) negotiated the falls, by passing the Senate Agriculture Committee on a vote of 8-7.  The bill protects canoeists and kayakers who travel on a river or stream which is “second order” or higher on a USGS map.  We had key testimony from a Floyd County canoeist who was charged with trespassing this past summer while traveling on a Virginia stream which he legally accessed.

In more important news, the bill to allow uranium mining in Southside Virginia was stricken by the Ag Committee, at the request of the patron.  I will give a longer write-up on that issue when I have a chance.  There’s a lot to talk about.




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