Electoral College Bill Goes Back to School

A few minutes ago, the bill to reallocate Virginia’s electoral votes (SB 723) was defeated in the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections.  I don’t think the vote is posted yet on the Internet, but my observation was that it was “passed by indefinitely” on a vote of 10-4.

This bill would have given Mitt Romney nine of Virginia’s thirteen votes.  Not exactly a reflection of Virginia’s popular vote.

There was a substitute offered by Senator Carrico to alter the allocation by giving the “extra” electoral college votes (i.e. not assigned to a congressional district) to the candidate winning the state’s at-large vote.  That would have reduced Romney’s “margin” to 7-6.

Regardless, the committee did not support the concept on any level.  It was defeated on a bipartisan vote.

(Postscript:  the comment was made in committee that I voted for a similar bill in 2008, before the 2011 redistricting which packed the Democrats into 3 congressional seats.  Call me Mr. Inconsistent.  Either way, I voted today to PBI the bill).

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