Biking Bill Wins Senate Stage (23-17), On to House

It was a chaotic day on the Senate floor with speeches being lobbed back and forth like so many hand grenades.  Suffice to say that the “out of turn” redistricting plan — introduced and passed by surprise vote yesterday — drew a lot of angry comments this afternoon.

What will happen?  To me, the state constitution is clear:  the Assembly can redistrict in 2011 and every ten years thereafter.  Period.

Having said that, life goes on and the session continues.  I have no plans to “boycott” any sessions or otherwise fail to represent my constituents.  In time, we will challenge this legislation in court and we will win.  Until then, the show continues.

In other news this afternoon, my SB 736 broke away from the pack and rolled to victory (i.e. passage) on the Senate floor by the vote of 23-17.  Senate Democrats stayed in peloton formation to support me, and three Republicans joined our merry band in voting “yes.”  No word yet on drug testing results.

The bill, which protects bicyclists from “dooring,” has now completed its Senate time trial and wears the yellow jersey.  It now moves on to the Pyrenees, i.e. the House Transportation Committee.

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