Redskins, Cliff Dwellers Prepare to Ring in New Year

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Redskins Renaissance over the past seven weeks has totally changed the atmosphere in the Washington D.C. area.

But for the Redskins, we would likely have 24/7 news coverage of the “fiscal cliff” talks which appear determined to go to the final hour.

Sports is the final refuge of the American spirit.  No matter how bleak things appear economically, you can always still find a good game on ESPN.  If you’re lucky, it might be SEC football.  In a pinch, other conferences will also suffice.

The Redskins under RG3 and the Shanahans have been the perfect Horatio Alger tale.  A young team, hit hard by injuries, loses a bunch of close games.  Season appears (once again) to be a failure.

Suddenly, team rises up with a smack-down of Philadelphia and their crusty fan base.  Lord, that was satisfying.  Then a victory over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.  A narrow win (17-16) over the Giants back home, and we were back in the NFC East race.

An impossible comeback against the Ravens in the December gloom.  Hail, Kirk Cousins.  Then a crushing win over the Browns on the road.   A final (closer than necessary) win in Phillly; all to set up the final battle with the hated Cowboys …

And our band, saxophones swinging, played “Hail to the Redskins” in the final minutes.

Next Sunday will be the first playoff game in FedEx Field since the 1999 season, when we beat down the Lions in a wild brawl of a game.  Yes, thirteen years ago.  I was in the upper reaches of Section 451.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

With all the good spirits flowing from the gridiron, can’t we figure something out on something much less important — like the federal budget?





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