The Glamorous Life of a Trial Attorney

I’ve practiced law for 18 years now.  I’ve argued cases in state and Federal courts all over the United States.  It’s exciting to travel to different courthouses and argue before judges (and occasionally juries) around this great nation.

Today, I flew out of Dulles at 6 a.m. to argue a Motion to Dismiss a lawsuit now pending in Polk County, Iowa.  My connection put me in Des Moines around 11:00 a.m. CST.

Des Moines is like Richmond, except without hills, statues or Doug Wilder.  Otherwise, it’s a state capital wrapped around a river, with lots of impressive buildings.

The Polk County courthouse is a beautiful neo-Classical structure in downtown Des Moines.  It has a stone facing and marble columns inside and out.  The courtrooms have high ceilings and real walls — not the wood paneled stuff you see today.

When you walk in, there is an open foyer with a mural high above of the Iowa Volunteers, USA, standing in formation.  (Sort of like the obligatory Confederate statues in Virgnia — but the other side of the coin).  On the facing wall is a beautiful mural featuring the great chiefs of the local Indian tribes.

After the hearing, I caught a ride back to the Des Moines airport.  My flight was scheduled to leave at 5 pm, connect thru Minneapolis, then get me back to Dulles by 10:30 pm.  I got to the gate and texted my wife.  Ready to go home.

Or not.  While waiting to board, we got the unwelcome news that the flight was delayed (for mechanical reasons) and the connection would be missed.  A mad scramble for alternative plans ensues.  Next flight?  Tomorrow at 6 am!

I got a ride to the Airport Hampton Inn, where I connected to the Internet and found 56 messages in my Outlook In Box.

From the hotel, I then walked a mile along the interstate to Walgreen’s, where I picked up some casual clothes and shaving items (I only had my pinstripe suit and no overnight stuff).  Halfway there, my cell phone died.  No charger.

I’m now back at the hotel wearing Iowa Hawkeye sweats — full ensemble for $20 — and about to walk to “Perkins” for a steak.  My flight home tomorrow leaves at 6 a.m.

Ain’t life glamorous as a trial attorney?


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