Thanksgiving, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

It was 31 degrees at 7:30 a.m., when I arrived in Centreville for the annual Virginia Run 5K Turkey Trot.  Proceeds benefit “Life with Cancer.”  Almost 6,000 runners in the corral to do a quick “up and back” on a neighborhood course.  The race was sold out — I had to borrow a racing bib from an 11-year old who didn’t run.

The madding crowd squeezed together for the first mile.  It was hard to even get a full stride.  Coming back I focused on catching the man wearing the full turkey suit and sounding the turkey caller.  (Please tell me he’s a Tech grad!)

I passed him with a mile to go and then sprinted down Pleasant Valley to the finish live.  I finished in 22:41, which was “middle of the pack.”  (On the other hand, it was a “top ten” finish for boys under twelve).

Back home, enjoying family, turkey, apple pie and football.  Life is great.



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