A Brief Burst of Freedom on the HOT Lanes

The end of the year is the most hectic time in my law practice, as we scramble to get cases tried (or settled) before December 31.  As my practice spans both Virginia and Maryland, that typically means a lot of hours on the Beltway.

Enter HOT Lanes.

This Tuesday, I loaded my car with three clients at 8:30 a.m. and headed to a deposition site on Georgia Avenue in Wheaton.  In rush hour traffic, the trip usually takes one hour.

Or not.  As we hit the 66/495 interchange, I noted the vacant and inviting ”HOT” lanes.  Having already switched my EZ-Pass to “Flex,” I entered the HOT Lanes.  Six minutes later (and driving 60 mph the whole way), I rejoined the stream of Beltway traffic near the American Legion Bridge.

Tysons Traffic.  Diverted.

The whole meander cost me exactly nothing as I had an HOV car, with four total passengers.  Anyway, I repated the maneuver on the way home, again beating rush hour traffic.  The only bummer was the heavy volume on I-66, and the fact that there is no exit on Rte. 236.  (The topography and existing bridges could not accommodate it).

I recognize that I’m but one consumer, but it sure saves time.  Order the “E-Z Pass Flex” today.



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