A Chilling Halloween Parade

It was a warm balmy evening in Vienna tonight for the annual Halloween Parade.  The parade stepped off at 7 pm, starting from Branch Street and proceeding down Maple Avenue all the way up to Center Street.  It’s about a mile walk.

The first quarter-mile is dark and there’s not too many people.  Then the crowds start to build as you approach downtown, until the people are standing 5-6 rows deep by the reviewing stand.

You can ride in a car, but I prefer to walk.  It’s a nice evening and you want to be able to see and greet people.  My wife (wearing a witch hat) walked beside me, and the kids spread out around us.

Favorite costumes?  Definitely the boy dressed as the Rubik’s Cube.  Second place for the young girl in the Princess Leia outfit, with the signature “curled bun” look.  Somehow the Star Wars look never gets old.

Best band?  I enjoyed the “Marching Statesmen” from George Marshall High School.  (There may have been others, but that was the one I remember).

Best percussion group?  The Vienna Elementary Jammers, who rode the float in front of us and hammered away at their five-gallon buckets.

Best float?  The American Legion Post 180 entry, which had a couch and TV on the flatbed.  God Bless America.

Best celebrity impersonation?   Tony Stewart of NASCAR fame, who rode along perched on the back seat of my vehicle.  (ok, it was my son Thomas).

Loudest entourage?   The young Democrats following Connolly and holding Obama and Kaine signs.  (There may have been more Repubs but they weren’t as loud).  They kept yelling the whole way down Maple Street.

Most ubiquitous dance song?  Gangnam style.  From the street of Seoul …

A chilling time indeed.


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  • Not Larry Sabato

    Best driver?

  • Chap Petersen

    Ben Tribbett, who drove our car. Thank you Ben!

  • Pam Konde

    Best leaders of our community? You’re up there! Chap, I heard you chatted with some of the leaders of the Neighborhood Coalition to Save Tysons Last Forest last night too. Thank you for sharing my love of the Vienna Halloween Parade, and for all you do!