Sales Tax Holiday, Olympic Highlights, and More!

Consumer alert: this weekend is the annual sales tax holiday on “Back to School” items in Virginia.  This year, I will refrain from my usual rants on (i) silly gimmicks which bring minimal actual savings to consumers, or (ii) the injustice of the “Kings Dominion” law which keeps our schools closed until after Labor Day.

I’ll just announce that the holiday is here.

Instead, let’s talk about great Olympic athletes.  Let’s talk about Gabby Douglas, the gold medal-winning “Flying Squirrel” from Virginia Beach.  (Now we know where Richmond’s baseball club got its name).  Or how about gold medalist Katie Ledecky who swims in Great Falls.  Or Baltimore’s Michael Phelps, the most decorated athlete in Olympic history.  Represent Charm City.

Having barely survived a 10K last weekend, I got the greatest satisfaction in seeing American Galen Rupp win a silver today in the 10,000 meters, just behind his training partner Mo Farah.  Their coach is Alberto Salazar, the last great American marathoner.

For thirty years, American distance runners have been “off the map” as African runners have dominated.  Are we coming back in the ultimate endurance sport?   (Meanwhile, our boxing program has completely fallen apart).

I’m in trial Monday and Tuesday.  After that, it’s off to southwest Virginia for our annual visit to Hungry Mother State Park and the Old-Time Fiddlers’ Festival in Galax.

Can’t wait!




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