Rapahannock Blue

This morning, I had a chance to speak to the “Rapahannock Blue” at the Central Park shopping mall in Fredericksburg.

The RB’s are an assortment of Democrats from Stafford, Spotsylvania and Fred-burg.  This area has been growing like crazy over the past ten years.  It’s now “ground zero” for the Washington, D.C. exurbs.  In my youth, it was all farmland.

One of the attendees was Spotsy’s own Edd Houck, who served seven (!) terms in the State Senate, before losing a nail-biter in 2011.  Edd was the Senate’s institutional memory on issues of health care and education and a consistent advocate for the children, elderly and disabled.  (He was our chair of Education & Health from 2007-2011).

It’s a little bit daunting to speak to a group, with a local icon in the crowd.  But the show goes on.  It was also good to have some reps from organized labor there.

Heading south to Virginia Beach this week for some work (and recreation).  If you’re attending the Tuesday evening event for Paul Hirshbiel in VAB, I’ll see you there.


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